In the evolving landscape of women’s health, where innovation meets empathy, The Pause Technologies has always been at the forefront. Today, we’re taking another monumental step in our journey to redefine the narrative around menopause and women’s wellness. We are thrilled to announce that Kathy Coover, a luminary in entrepreneurship and wellness advocacy, has joined us as the Community Advisor.


Kathy’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. As the architect behind a wellness empire that boasts over $8 billion in global sales, she has not only showcased her prowess in business but also her deep commitment to fostering wellness and support. Kathy’s story, however, isn’t just about her professional milestones. It’s also about her roles as a wife, mother, and grandmother, and her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the world.


Susan Sly, our CEO and founder, has always seen Kathy as a beacon of support and advocacy. “Kathy embodies grace, both in her personal and professional life, and is committed to making a difference. Having her shape the vision for our community, especially for those navigating the waters of menopause, is a true honor,” says Susan.


The Pause Technologies stands as a bastion of support for women experiencing menopause, offering resources, community, and personalized care. With Kathy’s guidance, we’re set to broaden our horizons even further, ensuring that women worldwide have access to the information and care they need during this natural phase of life.


Join us in extending a warm welcome to Kathy Coover as we embark on this exhilarating new chapter. Together, we’re not just facing the future; we’re shaping it.