In our journey in redefining the menopause journey, The Pause Technologies is overjoyed to welcome Dr. Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF, onto its Board of Medical Advisors. This announcement marks a monumental step in our mission at The Pause Technologies, resonating deeply with our commitment to transform the menopause experience for women globally.


Dr. Larkin, a distinguished figure in women’s health, brings with her an impressive blend of expertise, passion, and innovation. Her illustrious career has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence in healthcare for women, especially during their midlife years. As the Founder and CEO of Ms.Medicine, Dr. Larkin has already paved the way for transformative healthcare solutions, making her collaboration with The Pause Technologies not just exciting but profoundly symbiotic.


A world-renowned keynote speaker and advocate for evidence-based healthcare, Dr. Larkin’s contributions to women’s health are widely recognized. She is currently the President of The Menopause Society and has served on the Board of Trustees since 2018, holding roles as Treasurer and the 2023 Scientific Program Chair for the Annual Meetings. Her previous roles included Associate Professor and Division Director of Midlife Women’s Health and Primary Care at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Director of the UC Health Women’s Center.


Her involvement with The Pause Technologies is not merely an addition to our team but a pivotal moment in our journey to reshape the narrative around menopause. Dr. Larkin’s unparalleled dedication and expertise promise to enhance our efforts in providing comprehensive support, resources, and a community for women navigating this natural life phase.


Dr. Larkin’s vision aligns seamlessly with that of The Pause Technologies. Under her guidance, we aim to extend our reach, ensuring that women worldwide have access to the care and information they need during menopause. This partnership underscores our dedication to bridging the gap in women’s health with innovative, empathetic, and inclusive solutions.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Lisa Larkin as we look forward to a future where menopause is embraced as a significant and empowering phase of life. With Dr. Larkin on board, we’re not just optimistic about advancing women’s healthcare; we’re set to revolutionize it.

At The Pause Technologies, we believe that the journey through menopause is one of reinvention and empowerment. With Dr. Larkin’s expertise lighting the way, we are more equipped than ever to support women in navigating this transition with confidence and grace.  Together, let’s embrace this natural phase of life with all the support, care, and understanding it deserves.